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Sheila Russian

What is Mediation?

Mediation helps people at odds make decisions, so that they can move ahead with minimal disruption to family relationships. Mediation enables relationships to end with dignity.


Sheila Russian meets with both people.  Sheila Russian remains neutral; her job is to be sure that  each person is  an equal participant  in discussions.  Each person will have enough time to fully express  his/her concerns.  One person will not be able to dominate the session.

--Sheila Russian carefully listens to each person.  She often asks questions in order to clarify vague parts of the discussion or to be sure that every person  has heard and understood what  is being said.

--If there are unresolved financial matters, Sheila Russian will ask people to share current information. For example, if  child support needs to be calculated, parents will need to share information about income, health insurance, and work related child care. Click here for more information about the Maryland Child Support Guidelines.

--Sheila Russian points out  the similarities and the differences between people.


First, Sheila Russian helps clarify differences. This is extremely important--people often have misconceptions or exaggerated ideas about the needs of the other people.  Simply understanding these  differences often makes progress possible.

Second, Sheila Russian helps people bridge differences.  She suggests innovative ways for people to approach the situation.  Click here to read Eight Myths of Divorce Mediation.


Sheila Russian enables people to make thoughtful and sensible decisions away from court.
Mediation is:

--Efficient and economical.   Since people are working together with Sheila Russian, mediation
is cost-effective.

--Completely confidential.  No aspect of the sessions will be shared with an outside party.

--An informal process.  People are encouraged to raise all of their concerns.  Frequently,
issues are addressed that would be considered trivial or inappropriate in other settings.

--A method for reaching agreements with high rates of compliance and satisfaction because people make their own decisions.

Click here to read more about divorce mediation. 

How can I arrange an appointment?

If you have questions of if  you would like to schedule an appointment, call
Flexible office hours include daytime, evening, and weekend appointments.

Sheila Russian is a mediator specializing in divorce, serving Baltimore ,Caroll, Howard and Harford counties in Maryland. Flexible office hours include daytime, evening, and weekend appointments. Phone: 410-419-4289.


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