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Planning for college is an important issue to consider during divorce mediation. If your children are in third grade, you have 9 years before you'll have to choose a specific college; if your children are in middle school or high school, you'll have less time.  Whether you have a decade or just one year before you expect your child to enroll in college, it is helpful to think about:

  1. What kind of college does each parent expect  your child to attend?   State university?  Local community college?  Private college?
  2. Where do you think the college will be located?  In Baltimore?  In Maryland? On the East Coast? Arizona? California?
  3. How many colleges will your child apply to?  How many will he/she visit before a final decision is made? 
  4. Which expenses will be paid for by one or both parents?  Tuition?  Books?  Dormitory? Food?
  5. What kinds of scholarships and loans are available? 
  6. Which parent(s) need to submit financial information in order to be eligible for scholarships and/or loans?

The following websites contain helpful information for college planning: 

Applying for college is an exciting, and stressful, time for both parents and children.  When parents are living apart and have never thought about or discussed their children's college education,  the process may be more complicated and difficult.  A discussion during divorce mediation often makes college planning less stressful for parents and children.



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