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People-Pleasing (9/06/18)
Cinnie Noble

Would you call yourself a people-pleaser?

Do We Need to Raise Our Voice? (9/06/18)
Stuart Hanson

"Keep calm and carry on" is generally a mantra I refer to when I am in the mediation room.

Co-Parenting Tips During a Divorce (8/31/18)
Mitch Cohen

By following some simple tips and committing yourself to being the best co-parent possible, you can help to ensure your children thrive during and after the divorce.

5 Common Misconceptions Surrounding Family Mediation (8/31/18)
Laura Ward

The main difference with family mediation is that, opposed to going through lawyers, you are encouraged to speak directly to each other.

Revenge as a Learning Experience (8/24/18)
Phyllis Pollack

No doubt, at some point in your life, you have wanted to take revenge against someone who “did you wrong”.

The Tax Reform Law Impacts Families (8/24/18)
Dr. Lynne C. Halem

The attached articles highlight further effects of the tax reform, one specifically focused on Prenuptial Contracts, and the second more generally on family financial decisions.

Addressing Your Child’s Repressed Anger (8/15/18)
Linette Garcia

If a parent wants to set their child up for success, they should strive to teach them how to handle their emotions in a healthy way.

Past the Time Is the Right Time! (8/10/18)
Phyllis Pollack

Many, many years ago, someone once said to me that people do not begin to negotiate until it is past the time to negotiate.

Reconsidering How to Honor a Father's Wishes (8/03/18)
Nancy Shuger

This article illustrates how a mediator can assist parties to move from their positions to their underlying interests.

Interview with Don Saposnek (7/31/18)
Donald T. Saposnek

This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Don Saposnek, a leading family mediator, writer and editor, filmed as part of's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.

Interview with Lisa Parkinson (7/22/18)
Lisa Parkinson

This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Lisa Parkinson, family mediation leader in the UK and Europe, filmed as part of's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Series.

Prenuptial Agreements and the New Tax Law: Is There a Problem on the Horizon? (7/20/18)
Dr. Lynne C. Halem

The message for divorcing couples is clear. If your divorce agreement will include provision for the payment of alimony, deductible to the paying spouse and taxable, as income, to the recipient spouse, you need to have an executed divorce agreement by December 31, 2018.

Spiritual Journeys in a Material World: Thoughts about Spirituality for Divorce Professionals (7/20/18)
Larry Gaughan

This article discusses the spiritual struggle that many of our clients are facing and our role to support them and understand their concerns as they go through divorces and other difficult conflicts.

Ask Yourself This Kind of Question When an Argument Rattles You (7/13/18)
Tammy Lenski

When a difficult conversation rattles you, using a centering question can help you get your balance back.

For Those Feeling Generous: A Gift for Clients, Friends - Book Review (7/13/18)
John Fiske

I love this book. It reminds us that we can take family law problems to another level, one not taught in law schools: generosity.

Child Dependency Mediation Update (7/02/18)
Randy Drew

Mediator Randy Drew discusses the success of their multi-mediator approach.

Comparative Data on Mediation Websites: Most Visited and Most Linked (6/26/18)

According to, is most visited and most linked dispute resolution website. See the new data here!

Employment Arbitration Agreements Reach Epic Status (6/22/18)
Jack Urquhart

Employees who contractually agree to resolve employment disputes in an individualized arbitration waive all rights to class actions or any other collective dispute process.

7 Reasons Why You Should Keep Communicating (6/21/18)
Trevor McDonald

Miscommunication plagues divorces in numerous different ways.

A Toddler's Wisdom on Conflict Resolution (6/15/18)
Jan Frankel Schau

The values we share matter more than our differences.

Why Is Conflict Such a Big Deal? (6/14/18)
Dan Simon

Conflict is a big deal because it affects our two most basic values – strength of self and care of other.

Getting a Divorce? Mediate, Don't Litigate. (6/14/18)
Judith Weigle

Getting a divorce? You have options that will allow you to pick the right people to help you do that, but there’s no one size fits all choice.

Disability Mediation : An Overview (6/14/18)
Ryan Compton

This article is to give an over view of the use of disability mediation and a case study. The article will highlight some of the benefits of utilizing specialist mediators, confidentiality and why disability mediation works.

Interview with Andrew Schepard (6/12/18)
Andrew Schepard

This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Andrew Schepard, a leading professor, editor and writer of family law and mediation, filmed as part of's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.

Interview with Larry Fong (6/05/18)
Larry Fong

This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Larry Fong, a leading Canadian Family Mediator, filmed as part of's "'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.

Top Ten Ways To Protect Your Kids From The Fallout Of A High Conflict Break-Up (6/05/18)
Joan B. Kelly, Ph.D.

Joan is an author, therapist, mediator, and parenting coordinator with four decades of experience working with high conflict parents who are separating.

The Gang of Fourteen (5/29/18)
Peter Adler

These are dark times, especially if you are part of the loose community of people who by virtue of nature and/or nurture, are of a mediative persuasion.

Adult Kids of Divorcees Should Be Spared from the Drama (5/17/18)
Tracee McCole

Many parents do not know how to help their adult children deal with divorce.

Five Huge Benefits of Choosing Mediation (5/11/18)
Emily Andrews

Let’s face it, divorce is messy and painful and can be very expensive.

Why I wrote “The Generous Prenup: How to Support Your Marriage and Avoid the Pitfalls” (5/03/18)
Laurie Israel

Why I wrote “The Generous Prenup: How to Support Your Marriage and Avoid the Pitfalls”

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