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Sheila Russian

Change:  The Boiling Frog Story

Everyone who comes to mediation  is thinking about change:  change in residence, change in time spent with children, change in health insurance coverage, change in employment, change in work schedule, change in marital status. For some these changes are welcome; for others these changes are unwelcome, nerve-wracking and scary. Mediation enables people to successfully plan and work out the best way to implement change.

"There is nothing wrong with change if it is in the right direction."  (Winston Churchill)  During divorce mediation, people are able to figure out  how to take the next step.  People share information, brainstorm and discuss a wide range of ideas,  make decisions, so that the changes that are made are in the right direction.

To read a great article about change (including the boiling frog story, click on this link:


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