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What If I Need to Move?

Are you thinking about moving?   People move for many reasons--for new jobs, to be closer to family, to live in better school districts, or because they've found more affordable housing,  During mediation for divorce,  a discussion about moving is important if either one or both people think a move is likely to occur. 

If you have children,  moving  may affect decisions you have made with the other parent.  For instance, a  move may require adjustments to carpools or weekend schedules

Moving may affect decisions you have made about finances. For example, one person  may agree to live in the marital home for a few years (so that there is time for the housing market to recover and for your equity in the home to increase). What happens when he/she is offered a better job in another state and can no longer live in the marital home?  Your plan for the house will need to be  revisited. Will you try to rent the home? Sell it? 

During divorce mediation, you can discuss particular concerns about moving. Some of the questions parents ask are:         What distance would require changes to the parenting plan--5 miles? 10 miles? out of the school district? out of state?  How much notice do you want to have about a move--1 month? 3 months?   How will the children travel to the new location---by car? by plane?  If it will cost more for children to travel to the new location, how will these expenses be handled?  If  a move means that one parent will see the children less often,  what can be done to increase that parent's communication with the children-- more freequent phone calls? Skype? E-mail?

Discussions about moving help people prepare for change.  Divorce mediation enables people to have a thorough discussion about moving, to make workable decisions, and to plan for the future.


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