Baltimore Mediation Services

Sheila Russian

Recommended Websites

Information on these websites can help you prepare for mediation:  Information on the market  value of your home  Information on home appraisal in Maryland   Information on car values

Kelley Blue Book.   Information on car values    Information on your credit history  Information on parenting and mediation for people who have been married  Information on parenting and mediation for parents who were not married.

Information on Child Support Guidelines  Information on federal income tax   Information on Maryland income tax  Information on divorce and Social Security Benefits  Information on Medicare eligibility

Association of Divorce Financial Planners.  Information and calculators related to a variety of tax and property issues.

Financial Planning Association.  Information about how to select a qualified financial planner.  Information on Maryland College Investment Plan   Information about issues related to divorce and financial aid for college  Website for Baltimore County Public Schools  Website for Baltimore City Public Schools  Website for Carroll County Public Schools  Website for Howard County Public Schools  Website for Frederick County Public Schools



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