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Elder Care Mediation: Facts

Facts you should know---

FACT:  It is no secret that people today can expect to live into their late 80's and 90's.  As they age, however, many people need additional help--some with occcasional driving and shopping, others with periodic nursing care and daily companionship.  Still others may need to move.

FACT:  Most elderly, chronically ill, or disabled people remain at home and rely on their spouses and children for help--assuming they live near their adult children.  This places many adult children in the "sandwich" generation--caring for children and their parents at the same time.

FACT:  Only 35 percent of people aged 70 and older live within 10 miles of their children.

FACT:  When changes in the family situation occur, such as an unexpected illness or the progression of a chronic condition such as Alzheimer's disease or arthritis, important decisions must be made.  Unfortunately, disagreements  about changes in care, finances, and living arrangements and who will be responsible for implementing these changes, often arise.

FACT:  Families and institutions facing these disagreements may think that their only options are to live with the rift or to go to court to resolve differences.  That is not the case!

FACT:  Elder Care Mediation is a viable solution for these family related issues. 

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