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Elder Care Mediation

Do you know someone who is burning out from caring for a chronically ill, aging parent and who is having difficulty getting help from other members of the family? Perhaps you know a person who was seriously injured in an accident, and the family and hospital staff are at odds about the best arrangements for this person after he/she leaves the hospital. Or you and your siblings can not agree about which assisted living facility is best for your parents.

Families and institutions facing these difficult problems may think that their only option is to go to court. They don't realize that Elder Care Mediaiton can efficiently address their needs. Issues such as living arrangements, health/medical decisions, financial and insurance decisions, personal care, and safety concerns can be addressed and resolved in mediation.

The participants in Elder Care Mediation may include: the individuals whose lives have changed,siblings,other family members, and those who can provide important information and advice (e.g. social workers, significant others, caretakers, attprneys, accountants).

To begin the process, Sheila Russian will have phone conversations to familiarize herself with the situation and to determine who needs to be involved in the mediation. A session is scheduled in an accessible location.

At the Elder Care Mediation session, each person will have opportunities to explain his/her concerns. Sheila Russian makes sure that everyone understands each person's concerns. She asks questions that can help clarify ideas; Sheila also points out the common ground as well as the differences.

The goal of Elder Care Mediation is to find workable, realistic solutions. Elder Care Mediation resolves major issues; mediation also effectively resolves smaller issues that can greatly improve a person's quality of life (e.g. daily schedules, pets, entertainment, respite care). Each person's responsibilty is reviewed and clarified. The result of Elder Care Mediation is a comprehensive, practical agreement which enables people whose lives have changed to live in a safe, comfortable place with adequate support from siblings, other family members and the community.

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Sheila Russian is a mediator at Baltimore Mediation Services specializing in divorce and family mediation services. She serves Baltimore, Towson, Owings Mills, Columbia, Westminster and Bel Air in Maryland. Flexible office hours include daytime, evening, and weekend appointments. Phone: 410-419-4289.


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