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Sheila Russian

Divorce Mediation in Baltimore & Carroll County

Sheila Russian provides mediation services that help clients make sensible, informed decisions.  Divorce mediation minimizes disruption to people's lives. Sheila Russian enables people to resolve disputes related to divorce, separation, custody, child support, and visitation. Her practice is devoted exclusively to mediation. Since 1993, hundreds of private and court referred clients from Baltimore, Towson, Owings Mills, Reisterstown, and Westminster have successfully mediated with Sheila Russian.

Sheila Russian has extensive experience in family mediation.  In addition to family issues such as divorce, separation, custody, visitation, and property division, she has expertise in mediating issues for gay and lesbian couples, grandparent visitation, senior care and elder issues, guardianship, care management for the chronically ill or disabled, family event conflicts, estates and trusts, and business issues. Read more about Sheila's qualifications. 

Mediation: A Better Alternative

Ending a marriage is never easy, but if you are considering separation and divorce, you will find that divorce mediation is  considerably less costly than litigation.

Mediation is an effective way for people to share information,  fully discuss, and reach comprehensive agreements that will solidify their relationships with children. Mediation encourages parents to focus upon the particular needs of their children. The agreements can address the nitty-gritty of children's lives, such as sports, carpools, vacations, and college.  Click to learn about mediation for blended families.

Your First Mediation Session

What is mediation like? Sheila is committed to helping you become more familiar and comfortable with mediation before your first session. This starts with a phone conversation between you and Sheila.  

This is an opportunity for you to ask Sheila questions and for Sheila to explain what will happen when you meet for the first time. Sheila often speaks with both people (either together or in separate calls). Typical questions are: How does mediation work? What is your background? How many mediations have you handled? How long is each session? How many sessions will we need? What are your fees? How can I prepare for our first session?

During the first session, Sheila will explain mediation in greater detail. You will be able to ask questions. Sheila will also help you understand the "Agreement to Mediate" document which includes a description of mediation, an explanation of policies, and the fees. Read more about your first mediation session here.

Contact Sheila Russian

Sheila Russian has Maryland offices in Baltimore County and Carroll County. Flexible office hours include daytime, evening, and weekend appointments. Phone: 410-419-4289.


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